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Typography & Information Design

Spring 2018


ComD 2XX

Typography and Information Design

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Using self-generated and existing content, students will learn the basic knowledge and skills of typography and information design. This course builds upon what students learned in the prerequisite Research, Analysis and Process course. It helps students to learn how to manage contents and create effective communication, balanced with artistic expression.




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Course Overview

How the course is structured... > Presentation

Lecture #1

Typography: What Is It & How Does It Work?

How do we communicate typographically? This is how... > Presentation


Lecture #2

Type Classification

How do we choose a typeface? Here is one practical approach... > Presentation

Lecture #3


Superfamily, Old Style Figures, Ligatures and so on... > Presentation




Reading & Presentation

Readings will be required throughout the semester, giving students critical insight into the history and context of typography and information design. Each week, one or two students will be assigned to present the material to the class.

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My Type

Starting with exploring typographic samples and tracing letterforms, students will learn letters, words, text and grid. Through this weekly assignments, student will learn the basic principle of typographic design.

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Process Log (Book)

Students are required to create a process book for each assignments and projects. It must be organized according to course/program guidelines and specific format.  

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Students will be required to complete four project given during the semester. Each projects are designed to address specific aspects of typography and information design. Students will continue working on each projects until the end of the semester, and present more than two project at the semester-end review.


Type of Monogram

Select a typeface that best represents yourself, and create monogram with your initials. 

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Type of Heraldry

Select a topic you’re interested, thoroughly research it, and create visual signs to represent the topic in heraldic format.

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Type of Tea

Research tea, break it down to data and visualize it charts and diagram. Create a tea brand and design visual identity, packaging and landing page. 

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My Type: Event Posters

Design promotional poster series for an performing art institution in NYC. 

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