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Spring 2018

Week 11 / Type of Tea

1:40 / Presentation (Macro / Micro Reading): Sakura &  Moon

2:00 / Type of TeaFinal Presentation

5:00 / My TypeClass Discussion


Terrific presentation about data visualization by Sakura and Moon! We all learn some really important lesson.

Awesome job on Type of Tea presentation. I was very impressed with some of the presentation. As we discussed, let's focus on (1) ideation (creating concept based on your research, and execute design it accordingly), and (2) presentation. We'll only have a minute or two to present the project at the final review, and we need to carefully script our presentation.

We are off to a good start with My Type / Event Poster assignment. I apologize that I run out of time again. For next week (week 12), please revise the design and bring your design. Please consider (1) typographic hierarchy (Macro / Micro & Layering), and (2) Scale. You may want to print it in real scale in B/W. You may print part of the poster in 100% scale. 


Final Review

As for week 12, please also start building your final review presentation. As discussed, it'll be a digital presentation with projector. The specification is below: 


  • Creative Suite Program: InDesign
  • Size: 17” x 11”
  • 150DPI, RGB
  • Images should be scaled at 100% to maintain DPI

Typographic Considerations and Labeling of Work

Students should establish typographic hierarchy suitable for the following information:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Course Name
  • Instructor Name
  • Project Name
  • Captions for each image (descriptor)

Embed Video Specifications

  • You can place QuickTime and Flash content in InDesign to export to Adobe PDF (Interactive).
  • Interactive elements will not play correctly from Apple Preview, so you must use Adobe Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Reader to view them properly.
  • The first time you try to play a movie within the PDF file, you may be presented with a yellow warning ribbon that says “Some features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks. Only enable these features if you trust this document”.
  • Choose “Trust this document always” from the Option pop-up to the right of the dialog.
  • Because CC embeds video in PDFs differently than CS5 and CS6, it is important to test your PDF to make sure the video will play.
  • It is also recommended that you submit the video files separately in addition to the PDF files.
  • Although testing can take place on any computer, it is highly recommended you create a test PDF file early and test that file on a computer in Imaging.

Other Considerations

  • Page counts for each student may vary. Faculty should work with students to edit work, and provide class time to rehearse their presentation to meet the 7min requirement.
  • Students should include a page of numbered thumbnails at the end to reference all projects that were presented.

File Submission

  • TID Faculty will establish parameters for submission with their sections to ensure that all files are preloaded on the computer and ready to go.


Class Presentation


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