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Spring 2018

Week 10 / My Type: Text and Beyond

Really awesome class. 

Wonderful presentation by Carly. The summary at the end of the presentation was really helpful. Looking forward to the next presentation. Please don't forget to read the next section of the book.

Awesome job for the My Type assignment. We reviewed the two layouts again, and there are some really wonderful improvements. Also, the final assignment, Events, were given. This last assignment will offer opportunity to work with all aspects of what we have learned through the My Type assignments, as well as the new aspect of typography and information design. Please take this assignment as a project, and follow the same 5 steps (debriefing to development). 

We have also discussed the final review, which will happen in 5 weeks from today. Let's commit to this, and make the presentation really wonderful!!

I am sorry we didn't have enough time to go over the Type of Tea projects. We'll review the presentation first next week!!


Class Presentation

Here is the class presentation.


Grid and Body Text

We have reviewed the sample layouts for grid and body text. Please feel absolutely free to copy any of these grid or body text! You can also download the PDF and AI file from the below link!!




Class Photos

Truly wonderful works!!


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