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Spring 2018

Week 12 / Final Review

Great job on the event posters. Thank you those who presented the draft final review presentation. It was very helpful. Very exiting to see many of you are progressively getting better. Just few more weeks to go, but these few weeks are essential. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Lila for the fantastic resource for the final review presentation!


Next Step

For next week (4/19), please work on the following. 

(1) Event Poster

Please refine your design layout according to the feedback, and bring your work in. If you have not yet printed the poster in 100% scale, please do so. We'll review them in the class, just like the last class. 

(2) Final Review Presentation

Please put the draft presentation, and see what you can show in 7 minutes. I am pretty sure you'll find the 7 minutes to be pretty long. The presentation is as important as the project themselves. We'll review the presentation in a small group setting. 

(3) Other projects (Type of Tea, Monograms, Heraldry and Text Layout)

Please decide which assignments to present at the final review, and refine and finalize your design. You may bring work in progress to get feedback.  


I will stay after the class on Thursday for a few hours. Also, I would like to offer Friday 4/20 as another full work day. Please let me know if you're interested. 


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