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Spring 2018

Week 8 / Type of Tea

Mid Term:

Very happy to see that all of you have done very well. Those of you who have done excellent, keep up the good work. Feels you could have done better? Here is the deal: 

Mid-Term Exam Retake: Please write a sentence or two about the questions that you missed. For example, if you missed the question about the Old Style Figures, please research and describe what it is and how it works. I will give you 50% of the scores you missed. 

My Type / Sentence

Fabulous My Type presentation. We definitely saw how typographic design shaped the messaging. Sometimes it reinforce the message, and sometime it completely flip the meaning upside down.

We're ready to move onto the next level, setting text. Please read the assigned text and design layout according to what you have learned from the presentation about the typographic hierarchy that Sam and Yuri gave. Also, read the next chapter of the Thinking with Type about the Grid and apply the knowledge to your design. 

Type of Tea

Great research!! There are some really wonderful creative thoughts. Looking forward to seeing the next round. 


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