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Type & Info Design / Spring 2018


Type & Info Design / Spring 2018

Required Assignments & Presentations

Readings will be required throughout the semester, giving students critical insight into the history and context of typography and information design. Each week, one or two students will be assigned to present a specific topic in the assigned reading material. The presentation should be about 10 to 15 minutes including Q&A session.



Week 2 / January 25

Thinking with Type
Page 10 to 59

Presentation about Type Classification
Youmin Park & Sukyung Yoo

Supplemental Reading: Marks of Excellence, Page 8 to 41

Week 3

Catch Up!

Week 4

This Means This, This Means That
Page 21 to 48

Presentation about Signs (Icon, Index and Symbol) by Dawn Jooste

Supplemental Reading: Graphic Design Thinking, Page 88 to 89

Week 5

Visual Research
Page 59 to 87

Presentation about Modern Heraldry Designer by Lila Meyer

Week 6

Thinking with Type
Page 84 to 147

Presentation about Typographic Hierarchy by Yuri Lee& Sydney Allison

Week 7


Type Quiz will be given as a take home quiz, which will be due on Week 8.

Week 8

Thinking with Type
Page 148 to 207

Presentation about Grid
by Serina Kammuller & Arin Lee

Type Quiz Due.

Week 9 / March 22

Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte
Page 12 to 36

Presentation about Information Design by Carly Short

Week 10 / March 29

Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte
Page 37 to 80

Presentation by Sakura Tateiwa & Moon Sun

Week 11 / April 5

Envisioning Information by Edward R. Tufte
Page 81 to 120

Presentation by Deqing Zha& Katherine Shan

Week 12 / April 12

Data Humanism, the Revolution will be Visualized by Giorgia Lupi, Medium (Online Article)

Presentation about Data Humanism by Prae Weissman& Inhye Cheon