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Really wonderful class. I was blown away by your My Type presentation. Many hours of research, tracing and recreating. Just to mention a few, I was very impressed with the wonderful type animation by Sukyung, and type made with coffee by Inhye! Also, I really liked the samples that Sam and Lila found. They are so real and authentic. 

I am glad that we have taken really close look at type classification. In a way, I see these iconic typefaces, like Garamond, as a person. They have a face, arm, leg and even an ear. Some even have extended family, like super family. So, we are now officially met, and will get to know each other more. Enjoy the friendship, respect them dearly, and they will do great job for you!

Looking forward to having Mr. Iain Greenway next week. Also, I am excited to see your first design presentation! 

Daisuke EndoComment