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Spring 2018

Week 4 / Type of Monogram



1:30 / Hello, Mr. Iain Greenway

1:40 / Recap: More New Faces

1:55 / Type Family & More...

2:15 / Extra Assignment: Words

3:15 / Type of Monogram

5:30 / Type of Heraldry: Briefing


We covered a lot today.

I was very impressed with your first design assignment, Words. Everyone did really great. There are some really terrific designs, and we all got inspired by them. Some said, "why didn't I thought about that," and it's the best compliment for people who has actually did it. Overall, it was very good learning experience.

Presentations for Type of Monogram presentation were really well put together. I was very happy to see you have done great research, developed logical concept, and connect it to the letterforms. It's obvious that you have learned RAP very well, and new knowledge and skills are now being built on top. 

We also talked about the Type of Heraldry project. Taking a little break on typography, we'll focus on the data visualization on this project. Please read the brief carefully, develop mind map and define the design problem. Select your topic, and bring initial research next week.  

My Type has new focus. Please research the recommended type designer, and study some of the most significant work of typography in the last 100 years. Let's discuss it in two weeks when I am back! 

I know we're doing a lot, and things get a bit overwhelming. Yet, on the other hand, you are doing absolutely wonderful. Keep up the good work!


Class Presentation



Extra information about type classification and some recommended typefaces. 



Class Photo


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