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Spring 2018

Week 2 / Hello, Mr. Garamond.


Recap Week 1

My Type
Group Discussion / Work In Class

Thinking with Type, Page 10-59
Presentation: Type Classification
by Youmin Park & Sukyung Yoo

Type of Monogram
Group Discussion / Work in Class


Awesome class. 

I was really impressed with the presentation, the amount of work you put into My Type and Type of Monogram assignments. Really wonderful job. 

Thanks to Youmin and Sukyung for their fabulous presentation; we have learned so much about letterform and type classification. We reviewed three typefaces from three different type categories; Adobe Jenson (Humanist), Adobe Garamond (Old Style), and Baskerville (Transitional). 

We then reviewed My Type assignment. I was overwhelmed with the diversity of samples you have collected; they were absolutely stunning. Moving forward, to make it more effective, I would like to implement some structure to this assignment. I will follow up with email later.

We are off to a good start with the Type of Monogram assignment. I apologize that I could not get to everyone's work. Among the ones I reviewed, I was particularly impressed with Lila's approach! Looking forward to seeing next round next week!

Keep up the good work!

Daisuke EndoComment