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RAP / Class Log

Class log for the Research, Analysis and Process.

Week 3 / New Skills

First, we reviewed how important it is to cultivate “structured chaos” condition to become more creative. Through following RAP process, we’ll internalize the pattern (structure). So, please remember to follow the process, and keep your process log.

We went through the analysis step of the RAP process. Organizing what we collected through research step in order using certain analytical models, such as SWOT, often reveals unseen connections, and help us discover new angle (concept). We also touched upon ideation. The nine dots quiz nicely demonstrated what it means to solve problem visually, and taught us how analytical step (organizing dots in order) is connected to the ideation step.

We had two fantastic presentations on context; audience & social context and design context. Understanding the context, purpose and the audience is a crucial to design successful communication. As Mr. Christoph Niemann said in his Ted Talk, we “become a better artist by becoming a better observer.” “The real magic happens in the mind of the viewer.”

Awesome presentations for New Skill project! Hope the class critique helped you organize your thoughts. Your research process and idea for the final presentation were great. However, what I have most impressed with were your passion and wonderful attitude toward the project. Looking forward to seeing how your learning process turn around at the final presentation!

To cover all 15 presentation, each should get about 12 minutes. Perhaps, you may present your skill in 8 to 10 minutes, and get feedback for a few minutes. The order for the presentation is as below. I will let you know how we’ll mix the presentation with Joe’s class.

  1. Yiying Zhou

  2. Xinyi “Cindy” Wang

  3. Varun Mundra

  4. Zoe Wollman

  5. Evelyn Jensen

  6. Maura Kelly

  7. Penny Dashi-Sutton

  8. Sofiya Babenko

  9. Ally Bechtold

  10. Crystal Pan

  11. Haleigh McMackin

  12. Sophie Fu

  13. Kina Qiu

  14. Fanqi “Judy” Dai

  15. Fangyi “Ye Ye” Yang


Class Presentation


Reading Assignment / Student’s Presentation

Fantastic presentations:D

“To understand design contexts, looking back is as essential as pushing the possibilities of the discipline. All design carries baggage through the use of type, imagery and material that the audience understands and relates to(p55).”


Audience & Social Context (Local Global, Identity & Intersections)
By Haleigh McMackin


Design Context (Aesthetics, Style, and Semiotics)
By Ally Bechtold


Class Photos

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