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RAP / Class Log

Class log for the Research, Analysis and Process.

Week 4 / New Skill Final Pres.

Fantastic presentation everyone! Don’t forget to fill out the Self Reflection Sheet and bring it next week.

Time for the new project, New New York to begin! We are going to go through the same RAP process that we took for the New Skills project. For next week, please read the brief carefully and debrief it yourself. You may start mind mapping to get a good overview of the project before jumping into research stage. List as many questions as you can about the project. “Unlearning allows for a fresh perspective, like a forensic scientist throwing out everything he thinks he knows and saying, ‘Let’s take a fresh look at this’ (Leski, 14)”. Let’s take a fresh look at New York and begin thinking about your approach to the project.

Week 5 Reading Presenters :

Judy Dai (Questionnaires)

Yiying Zhou (Interview)

Penny Dasi-Sutton (Ethnography)

Zoe Wollman (SWOT Analysis)

New Skill Final Presentation

Absolutely wonderful! Here are some samples.

Maura Kelly / Embroidery

Cindy Wang / Push Ups


Class Photos

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