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Week 6 / Type is Rice

Congratulations Emily, Amanda, Pharrapatra, Ashley for winning 20 dollars for the Marshmallow challenge :D And great work everyone else as well. Team work was inspiring. The marshmallow challenge was to show the necessity to iterate often and create shorter feedback loops, and not to go long without experimenting and testing your ideas. Stop thinking and start making! You often get better inspiration/idea while making..

Daisuke : Wonderful workshop. Watch the TED lecture by Tom Wujec once again and make sure you get the point. Keep your marshmallow always on the top! Check out his lecture here.

The midterm one-on-one meeting is postponed :( But instead, we will have a package design & sketch up workshop by Eric O’Toole. We will meet up in the classroom first and head to the Engineering Building together.

We will have a mid-term one-on-one review after spring break. All the items must be submitted by March 15 via Google classroom. And in class, we went through a grading evaluation sheet. Everyone is doing good but you may see a lower grade than you expected if you have missed several reading assignments or ever showed up without the research materials that were assigned, etc.

For Type of Spirit exercise, if you still haven’t handed in the essay, please do as soon as possible so that your grade can be updated before the one-on-one midterm review. And for the ones who are done with essays, off to the ideation stage! Hope you have fun. Create your own design work with the spirit of the designer, and you may decide to work with an issue that you are interested in, and create a work imagining how your type designer would have responded. Consider this as an opportunity to expand your design palette! :D Check out some outstanding student projects from last year on this project!

And thank you Daisuke for demonstrating how to set up the basic grid in indesign with a proper type setting. paragraph setting, justification, hyphenation ,etc, that enhance the value of the text/content itself.

“Type is Rice. Rice is what makes Japanese cuisine Japanese. Regular Japanese people can discern how good the rice is. But, the main/side dish is what defines the meal.” - Daisuke

Preach the word~

For next week :

Project 2 Space :

Three groups are formed!

Group A Playground : Emily, Amanda, Pharrapatra, Ashley, Ashna

Group B USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center : Isabel, Julia, Nicholas, Noah

Group C The Salvation Army : Maria, Michelle, Jamie, Derrick

Please go to the site, observe and analyze how people interact with the space. And create a site circulation map. You may research the space individually or as a group. Compile all the research and analysis as a group, and create a unified presentation document. (You may have time to finalize it in the next class. Also start analyzing the brand or space itself as well!

Exercise 2 Type of Spirit :

Ideation stage start! Please let Marie( know which designer you are working on!

Chosen Type Designers

(A list of type designers are uploaded in this link)

Week 8 Mid-Term Review / One-on-one Review

We will have a one-on-one review on week 8. Have all the following submitted via Google classroom by Monday, March 18.

  • Reading assignments

    • weekly reading assignments (google doc. google classroom)

    • reading presentation (if you have already presented - pdf)

  • P1. Product Packaging

    • Final presentation (pdf & prototype)

    • Process log (pdf)

  • P2. Space & Wayfinding

    • Circulation map (pdf)

    • Brand Essence (pdf)

  • E1. ComD 15

    • Essay (Google Doc/google classroom)

    • zine (pdf) and physical copy

  • E2. Type of Spirit

    • Essay (Google Doc. Google Classroom)

    • Design work (pdf)

Weekly Reading Assignment / Presenters

No Reading Assignment

Reading Presentation Schedule

Class Presentation


FA17 Pratt Wayfinding & Signage Design Project / Marie

Hope it was helpful…⌒‿⌒ Let me know if you have any questions!


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