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Week 5 Final Packaging

Great work on the final presentation!

And thanks to Professor Gerbino’s inspiring critiques and comments, we learned a lot, especially the importance of physical prototypes and necessity to explore the form, scale, design layouts and integrity of the packaging. For us, now that we took enough time creating clear concepts / narrative / brand strategy of the product, we can start focusing on the design elements, such as typeface, layouts, colors, etc for the rest of the semester. Keep making revisions and bring in to class any time for feedback..

The second project, Space & Wayfinding, was briefed and discussed. The project is to reimagine the brand/space and experience, and to create a wayfinding system. It’s not just about creating informative signage, the whole wayfinding system can have a direct impact on how people think or feel in that space (and also about the space). It can also introduce a brand’s unique tone of voice, contribute to storytelling and arouse the emotions of the visitors. For next week please summarize the research materials for each space in a letter size paper, total three. We will have a similar discussion as we did for type designers in class, and will form a group of four to five, each working on the same space. Hope you have fun!

On week 7, we will have a one on one mid term review, so refer to the information written below.

Keep up the good work!

For next week :

Project 2 Space :

Select three of an existing medium to large size functional space, such as an airport, train station, or museum. We will have a similar discussion as we did for type designers in class, and will form a group of four to five, each working on the same space. You may do research together and share some process in the beginning, then each will come up with their own concept, reimagining the brand and experience. Debrief and reframe the project and seek for creative design opportunities.

  • Three existing medium to large size functional space research (each on letter-size paper)

    make it concise - maybe down to keywords - with more images!

Exercise 2 Type of Spirit :

Research about your chosen type designer and analyze and write an essay about him as a designer and his /her design philosophy. What is so unique about his work? Don’t just write about the overview of his works or his general approaches. Go deeper and find the essence of the designer. It’s easy to say his works are minimal or trendy. But write about what makes his works minimal. Find your own theme and don’t be afraid to express your own opinion. Take this as an opportunity to expand your design palette. Challenge yourself!

(A list of type designers are uploaded in this link)

  • Submit your essay via google classroom by Feb 27. Please submit your essay using Google doc and make Daisuke’s life easier.

Week 7 Mid-Term Review / One-on-one Review

We will have a one-on-one review on week 7. Have all the following submitted via Google classroom by March 4 Monday.

  • Reading assignments

    • weekly reading assignments (google doc. google classroom)

    • reading presentation (if you have already presented - pdf)

  • P1. Product Packaging

    • Final presentation (pdf & prototype)

    • Process log (pdf)

  • E1. ComD 15

    • Essay (Google Doc/google classroom)

    • zine (pdf) and physical copy

  • E2. Type of Spirit

    • Essay (Google Doc. Google Classroom)

Weekly Reading Assignment / Presenters

Signage and Wayfinding Design by Chris Calorie and David Vanden-Eynden, Wiley, Second Edition 2015

  • Overview of EGD + Chapter 2 (process, phase 1 to 2, pg. 24-38) / Derrick

  • Chapter 2 (Process, phase 3 - 4, page 38 - 60) / Maria

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