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Week 5 / Event Final Presentation

Awesome presentation on the Event Project.

I was quite impressed with your research and analysis. Although, most of you have never created a customer journey before, you have done excellent job identifying challenges and opportunities. I was very happy to see some wonderful design concepts, and great ideas for cross-platform communication design!

Please continue working on the project till the end of the semester. You may bring your work to the class at anytime.

I apologize that there were some confusion regarding the cross-section presentation and critique format. The cross-section arrangement is new and we are still figuring out how to take advantage on it. We’ll definitely discuss the pros and cons at the next faculty meeting, and hopefully it will become more effective.

From week 6, we will be starting on a new project, Work of Art! Select a ‘work of art’ you are interested in, and enrich its experience by expanding its media platform. Please go through the brief again and start debriefing and researching on the chosen work of art. The execution can be fictional, or based on imagination. Compared to the Event project, it is more experience oriented, and more subjective. Looking forward to seeing your interpretations of the project next week!

Week 6 Reading Presenters

  • Jamie Yngcong - Brand Identity

  • Hyojung Kim - Touchpoints


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