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Week 4 / Form

Before learning about the “form”, we reviewed what we had learned about the context for the past three weeks. You should understand the social and cultural context clearly so that you are aware of your targeting audience’s different perspectives or connotations of the subject that you should be cautious about. We also reviewed Xinyi’s lecture about the size of creator and audiences; one : one, one : few, one : many, … which is a helpful information when choosing the appropriate platforms for your design!

And thanks Ashlie, Steve, and Marcy for such informative presentation on form. Moodboards build a common base of design understanding throughout the project and give a clear idea of the look and feel / visual style of the project. It helps you determine the line of approach for the project. And design system is also crucial part of the design’s form, giving unity and consistency for the users and acting as a guideline throughout the brand experience, such as typography, icons, graphics or grid system. Then we took some time to think about why we need systems for design by looking at some examples from Google Material Design and Microsoft Fluent Design. We encourage you to go through these again for your project!

And we finally got to see some amazing works of Daisuke and his thorough, logical but creative process that he takes for his branding projects. The process, documentation and all the works are so exciting and inspiring that it will give you even better insight on how to integrate the cross-platform visual communication! Thank you Daisuke~

Next week, we will have cross-section presentation; half of you will go to Xinyi’s class, and half of her students will come to ours. We will have 3 to 4 finalists to present their work at the end!

Your presentation should have the following items :

  • Description of the Event (Mission, Values, Story, Positioning and so on)

  • Customer Journey Map (Please clearly identify media platforms that your event uses to communicate with its target audience. You may create 2-3 profiles of target audiences and show how they interact with the event)

  • Design Problem and Design Concept (Challenges to solve, opportunity to make the experience better and expand its audiences…)

  • Design (Messaging and design system, perhaps including mood boards, visual identity, and Key Visuals, integrated cross several media platforms…)

We look forward to seeing your work next class! :D

Class Presentation


Work in Progress / How to integrate the cross-platform visual communication…


Research / Student’s Presentation

Fantastic presentations!


Mood Board /


Grid System / Steve


Design System / Marcy


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