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Week 8 / Mid Term

Good to see each one of you for the Mid-Term review.

Some happier then the others, but in general, I trust my evaluation met your expectation. At the best, grading is just another tool for learning; Please use the Mid-Term grade as a reminder. If you didn’t do well, work harder. If you did well, then do even better. :D

It was nice that some of you have asked me how you can do even better. (Yes, very rarely but I actually do give A+ for excellent students.) In general, I would recommend you to the following:

  1. Spend more time with debriefing, using tools like mind-map and reframing, and you will see more creative opportunities.

  2. Create more options and variations. When you ideate, sketch 50 ideas rather than 5. When you create layout, design a lot of options. Making is thinking.


Looking forward to the final presentation on ‘Work of Art’ project next week. We’ll then move onto the final project. Yet, you’ll keep working on all the project till the end of the semester.

As announced at the class, I won’t be able to have another Work Day Session on Saturday for this semester. However, I would be happy to make time on a weekday (ideally, Wednesday, and possibly Thursday between morning and evening classes.)

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