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Week 7 / New Platform

Great work as always :)

Research Assignment:

Thank you Sherry and Moon for the great presentations on the new platforms, IoT and VR. If used correctly, these new technologies will be very useful; They will help us make a right (more informed) decision and enhance overall experience.

‘Work of Art’ Projects:

There is a lot of new technologies which offers new ways of connecting people to each other. Let’s explore and see if we can make the best use of them for the projects we are working on. Don’t hesitate to experiment with new medias. Ask yourself how you can enhance the original ‘work of art’ with the more creative (innovative) use of media platform.


For the latter half of the semester, I would like to focus more on ‘making’. Please push your ‘Work of Art’ project as much as you can, while keep working on the Event project. Please consider how you will present your work at the final review.


Next week is a midterm week! Based on the schedule attached below (class presentation), all of you will get 10 minutes each with Daisuke to talk about your progress so far.

Meanwhile, we will have group critiques like last week and continue working on the project. Don’t forget to bring the reading presentation packet next week! If you happened to miss any presentation, please visit the previous class log and refer to the pdfs attached.


Class Presentation


Reading Presentation

New Platform A. Sherry


New Platform B. Moon


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