Design & Education

Work of Art


IVC / Fall 2018

Work of Art

Select a ‘work of art’ (e.g. book, album, painting, installation, or it could even be product or service) you are interested in, and enrich its experience by expanding its media platform.

Thoroughly research the ‘work of art’ in terms of its theme and contents, and distill its essence. Then, through experimentation and exploration, deconstract and transform (reinvent) its original platform. Also, migrate the contents onto a new platform (or platforms) to communicate some aspect of the original, including, but not limited to: theme, identity and experience.



Week 1 (9/27): Assignment delivered and discussed in detail.

Week 2 (10/4): Group Critique and discussion on initial research and analysis about the work of art.

Week 3 (10/11): Mid-Term. Group critique and discussion.

Week 4 (10/18): Group critique and discussion.

Week 5 (10.25): Final work presented to the class in a convincing and cohesive form in the medium of your choosing.


Learning Outcomes Addressed

  • Adapt broad design concepts across media.

  • Employ a critical knowledge of contemporary media platforms.

  • Design systems that are inherently flexible and versatile.

  • Simultaneously manage multiple components of a single project.

  • Formulate and respond to a comprehensive design brief containing a range of parameters and deliverables.


Please document your process according to the following steps:

  1. Debriefing

  2. Research

  3. Analysis (Organize Your Research / Discovery)

  4. Ideation

  5. Development

  6. Evaluation