Design & Education

Type of Event


Select an existing event (in NYC) and redesign its cross-platform (visual) communication according to the following steps.

Step 1. Research

Research the event throughly and define its essences (e.g. Mission, Vision, Values, Position, Story, and Message). You may also review its competitions and analyze their strengths and weaknesses to determine the positioning of the event.  

Review its marketing materials and assess the media platforms they use to communicate with its target audiences. The goal is to better understand what it is saying about itself, to whom, and how. 

You may define profiles (personas) of its target audiences, and research the event from their perspectives. Immersing in the user’s perspective provides insight on how a design piece needs to perform (What will they do with it?). The empathy gained by being immersed in the user’s perspective may also expose new opportunities for design (How can we make this better?). 

Step 2. Cross-Platform Journey Map

Assess how the target audiences learn about the event, experience the event and share their experience with others through different media platforms (physical and digital). Review how its communication are visually integrated across different media platform. 

Create a diagram (map) of an audience’s (customer’s) cross-platform journey. 

Step 3. Re-imagine

Re-imagine what the event can be and to whom it should reach to. Redefine its essence and strategically redesign its cross-platform visual communication.

You may design a typographic design system, and apply it consistently across the media platforms.  


Week 1 (8/30): Assignment delivered and discussed in detail. Brief lecture about Cross-Platform Journey Mapping. Begin debriefing in the class using mind mapping and start researching.

Week 2 (9/6): Lecture on contents and context. Group Critique and discussion on initial research and analysis about the event and its cross-platform visual communication.

Week 3 (9/13): Lecture and in-class workshop on platform analysis. Review the Cross-Platform Journey Map.

Week 4 (9/20): Lecture on form making. Group Critique and discussion.

Week 5 (9.27): Final work presented to the class in a convincing and cohesive form in the medium of your choosing.


Learning Outcomes Addressed

  • Adapt broad design concepts across media.
  • Employ a critical knowledge of contemporary media platforms.
  • Design systems that are inherently flexible and versatile.
  • Simultaneously manage multiple components of a single project.
  • Formulate and respond to a comprehensive design brief containing a range of parameters and deliverables.


Please document your process according to the following steps:

  1. Debriefing
  2. Research
  3. Analysis (Organize Your Research / Discovery)
  4. Ideation
  5. Development
  6. Evaluation