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Type IV / Class Log

Spring 2018

Week 3 / Type of Spirit


Knowledge Pool
Rebecca: 3D Printing

Type of Spirit
2 Group Discussions

Type of Spirit Presentation
4 Instructor's Pick


Really x 5,000 awesome class. Truly, I mean it. 

Thanks Becky for the wonderful Knowledge Pool presentation. It was wonderful to know we have access to the real 3D printer at school. For $5 to $10 bucks a piece, you should definitely give a try!!

The Type of Spirit project is coming along very nicely. There were some really nice essays. The group discussion was also really successful. I believe doing it in two sessions gave all of students plenty of opportunities to present their work and get feedback. (As we verbalize our idea, we often realize how logical it is.) Also, the class discussion on the selected projects were very nice. The brainstorming was really dynamic and most fruitful! 

Looking forward to having Mr. Iain Greenway next week for the final presentation. Let's blow his mind with amazing presentations! Keep up the good work.


Knowledge Pool Presentation
3D Printing

Becky DeCusatis


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