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Package Liquid

IVC / Fall 2018

Package Liquid

Select an existing liquid product such as beer, milk, oil, and water. Thoroughly research how the product is consumed. Design a typographic logo, label and packaging according to the following process.

  1. Choose three mood-boards based on well recognized visual art styles that are conceptually relevant to the product. Make sure to include typographic elements in each style-board.  
  2. Design three typographic logos for the product according to each style-board. Feel free to use ornaments, icons, patterns, and color if they are part of the style. 
  3. Select one of the logos, and design a label and packaging for the product. Again, feel free to use photos and illustration if they are part of the style.


  • Week 1: Debrief the assignment, and start researching.
  • Week 2: Present three style-boards and typographic logos.
  • Week 3: Present the packaging design. 

Topics to Cover

  • Mood Board (Visual Formula)
  • Visual Identity