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Type of Spirit

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New Type Exercise / Type of Spirit

PEM / S19
My Type Exercise 2

Type of Spirit

Select a designer whom you admire. Thoroughly research and analyze his/her design philosophy and write an essay about it. Then, create your own design work with the spirit of the designer. For example, you may select a theme and design a set of typeface. Compile your essay and design work in a zine.



Step 1. Debrief (Reframe) + Research

Explore old and new designers from around the world and find three truly aspirational designers who works with typography (possibly in the realm of interaction design).

Research each designers and present them in the class. Through group discussion, you will decide which designer to work with. You may choose a designer your classmate present.

2. Organize Research

Thoroughly reseach and analize the designer’s design philolsophy, and write an essay about it. Develop your own theme and give your essay an intriguing title and subtitles. Do not be afraid to express your own opinion bout the designer.

Student must submit their essay by Monday, February 25.

3. Ideation

Create your own design work with the spirit of the designer. You may select a theme and design a set of typeface, typographic animation, or installation. Or, you may work with an issue you’re interested in, define design problem and create solution.You must present at least three ideas for the execution.

4. Execute + Zine

Execute your idea. Then, compile your zine and your design work in a zine.




Wk 4 (2/14): Debriefing

Assignment will be given

Wk 5 (2/21): Resarch

Present three designers to the class. Through the class discussion, you will select one designer to further explore.

WK 6 (2/27): Essay

Research and analize the designer, and write an Essay. Present three ideas for your design work in the class.

Week 7 (3/7): Class Discussion

Present your design work

Spring Break

Week 9 (3/21): Final Presentation

Present your design work and zine

Week 10 (3/28): Zine

Submit your zine.