Design & Education

Type of Exhibition

Typographic Design IV / Project #4


Produce a design exhibition titled “What if,” to propose a new role of communication designers in the current and the near future society.



Step 1.Debrief

Analyze the brief and rewrite it in your terms. Create a mind map to unlock creative thinking. 

2. Research

You may research the history of communication design and project future according the patterns in the history. Or, you may research how technology, economy, values, cultures are changing and reimagine the role of communication designers.

3. Organize Research

Organize your research and write a proposal for your exhibition. 

4. Ideation

Consider how best to present your proposal in terms of contents and form as an exhibition. You may curate forward thinking designer's works or create your own design to propose a new role of communication designer or to raise awareness.

You may also consider how to present material in physical environment and package it as a traveling (independent and stand alone) exhibition. 

5. Execute

Create a visual proposal for the exhibition. You may choose a certain location, photograph the environments and simulate your exhibition with Photoshop (or you may use 3D software and create rendering). Or you may create actual installation physically or completely virtually.



Week 1 (March 29) / Briefing and Discussion: Debrief the project and start researching. Organize your research material and create a proposal.  

Week 2 (April 5) / Class Discussion: Bring your research materials and proposal to discuss in a small group. 

Week 3 (April 12): Present your design to the class. 


Graphic Design Theory: Readings from the Field

by Helen Joseph Armstrong

(Essay: Universe Strikes Back by Ellen and Julia Lupton)