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Type IV / Knowledge Pool


Knowledge Pool

Fall 2018


Knowledge Pool


Starting at the third week, two students will be assigned to present new typographic knowledge or technique to the class each week, . Through this weekly assignment, students collectively expand their knowledge and skills about typography.

You may choose any topic, but it should be new to the most of your classmates. You may present a great typeface, cutting-edge type foundry, or beautiful typographic design project from around the world. Or, you may teach your classmates a technique like die cutting, foil stamping and letter press. 

Research and prepare well to make your presentation engaging. Your presentation should be about 5 to 10 minutes. Submit presentation in PDF so that other students can download and learn more about it. 


Week 3 (2/1): Larissa Ayestas Castellanos & Rebecca Decusatis

Week 4 (2/8): Alexandra Duddy & Kristina Dzhaparidze

Week 5 (2/15): Daisuke Out / No Presentation

Week 6 (2/22): Feiying Fan & Yeh-Eun Heo

Week 7 (3/1): Cancan Jin & Anna Khachinyan

Week 8 (3/8): Mid Term / No Presentation

Week 9 (3/22): ChunYa Lai + Samantha Palermo

Week 10 (3/29): Joseph Pandolfi + Se Young Park

Week 11 (4/5): Schylar Roberts-Greathouse & Yining Shen

Week 12 (4/12): Matthew Sobanko & Ava Wang

Week 13 (4/19): Extra