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Type of System


IVC / Fall 2018

Type of System

Typographic Identity System



Select an existing art institution in New York City, create typographic identity system, and visually integrate its promotional campaign.

This project is double-fold. 

(1) You will (re)define its brand and create typographic identity system.

(2) Thoroughly research how people interact with the institution, and visually integrate its promotional campaign throughout their experience. 



First, debrief the project and clearly define the design problem. Then, select an existing art institution you're interested. 

1. Creating Typographic Identity

  1. Research: Thoroughly research the institution and analyze your findings in models like SWOT analysis. 
  2. Create Typographic Identity System (Design System): (Re) define its vision, mission, core values, and positioning (who they are and what they stand for), and give it a look and voice. You may design original display typeface, and/or create a design system.
  3. Application: Create a brand promotional campaign, and/or promotional campaign for its exhibition. (Depending on the size of the institution, you may create typographic identity for its exhibition (series) instead of branding the whole institution.)

2. Integrate Visual Communication

  1. Research: Research how people interact with the institution, from discovering the institution, getting engaged with its exhibition, going to exhibition, to sharing the experience with others.
  2. Create a Customer Journey Map. Visually organize customer's experience and define key touch points.
  3. Visually integrate its brand promotional campaign.


  • Week 1: Debrief the assignment, and start researching. 
  • Week 2: Present organized research, design problem and initial sketches.
  • Week 3: Present several options for the typographic identity system.
  • Week 4: Present the posters.

Topics to Cover

  • Design System
  • Typography
  • Mind Mapping
  • Observation Research (Ethnography)
  • Customer Journey



  • Typeface (Typographic Identity)
  • Marketing (Poster, Invitation, Ads...)
  • Wayfinding
  • Landing Page
  • App