Designer & Educator

Type of Spirit

Typographic Design IV / Project #1



Select one type designer, thoroughly research his/her design and philosophy, and present his/her design spirit in the most engaging manner to your classmates. Through this assignment, you will learn and internalize how a design master think, create and execute idea. 

You are free to choose any format for the final execution. You may present your idea as a book, exhibition, or movie. Or, you may create a proposal for a large scale art installation or design a new typeface with the designer's spirit.




Read and analyze the brief carefully. Rewrite and state the design problem(s) clearly and break it into smaller manageable parts or statements. Create a mind map to unlock creative thinking. 

2. Research

Select three type designers and research each designers. Present your research to your classmates in a small group set up, discuss and decide which type designer to work with. Thoroughly research the designer. Go beyond Google. The more excited you're about the designer, the more exciting your final presentation will be. 

3. Organize Research

Write a short essay about the type designer, his/her design and philosophy. Give your essay a good title and subtitle. Also, organize visual material in categories. You may create a mood board.

4. Ideation

Consider how to visualize and communicate your idea in the most inspiring and engaging manner. You may create a mind map at this stage again, and apply creative checklist such as SCAMPER. 

5. Execute

It’s usually a good idea to present three versions of a design. This gives you some options and allows you to combine favorite elements from each. As you work on your final solution to the brief you might also check that others understand your designs without you having to tell them what your idea or concept behind it is.



Week 1 (Jan 25): Debrief and select three type designers. Bring your research materials and rough ideas to the class and discuss it with your classmates in a small group. Select one and present it to the class. 

Week 2 (Feb 1): Organize your research and write a short essay. Submit your essay to the instructor ( by Monday January 29 for his review. Create three design concepts to present and discuss in the class. 

Week 3 (Feb 8): Present your design to the class. You may continue working on the assignment till the end of the semester.