Designer / Educator

Typographic Design IV

Spring 2018

Advanced Typography



With the use of actual typographic design situations, the course instructs the student in the use of type as a basic element of graphic communication, including principles which determine typeface selection (to visually communicate the desired effect) and the appreciation of letterforms. 




Class Log


Assignment / Requirement


Knowledge Pool

Each week, two students will be assigned to present new typographic knowledge or technique to the class.

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Process Book

Students are required to create a process book for each assignment and projects. It must be organized according to course/program guidelines and specific format.

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Students are required to complete four projects in the semester. They must meet the following requirements: 

High Quality Comp: Student must craft at least one high quality comp using special printing technique, such as silk screen, die-cut, emboss/deboss, foil stamp, transfer, 3D Printing, letter press and so on. 

Design Typeface: Student must (re)design one typeface for one of the project. 

Essay/Story: Student must write an essay or story for one of the project. Creating design with self generated content will teach student how form and content work together to communicate a message. Student may create a book, zine, exhibition, or even a film based on the essay / story. 

Collaboration: Students are encouraged to collaborate with other designer, illustrator, photographer, printer, writer and musician. Through collaboration, students will learn how to request, inspire, direct, and motivate other people. 

Motion: Students are encouraged to use interactive media for one of the project. For example, they may create digital signage with interactive and dynamic typography. 



Type of Spirit

Select a type designer, thoroughly research his/her body of work, creative process and philosophy. and present it in engaging manner to your classmates.

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Type of Brand

Select a product (service) category, thoroughly research it. Break it down to datas and visualize it as a diagram. Create a new concept (story) and materialize it as a product. 

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Type of Issue

Find an issue (topic) in NYC, research and define the design problem, and propose a design solution. 

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Back to the Basic




You may work on this extra project instead of one of the four projects. 


Bigger & Better

Take one of your assignment from previous semester, and rebuild it from scratch following the process you learned in this semester.

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