Design & Education

Typographic Design IV

Spring 2018

ComD 3XX

Typographic Design IV

Date & Time


With the use of actual typographic design situations, the course instructs the student in the use of type as a basic element of graphic communication, including principles which determine typeface selection (to visually communicate the desired effect) and the appreciation of letterforms. >>> SYLLABUS





Type of Spirit

Select a type designer, thoroughly research his/her body of work, creative process and philosophy. and present it in engaging manner to your classmates.

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Type of Brand

Select a product (service) category, thoroughly research it. Break it down to datas and visualize it as a diagram. Create a new concept (story) and materialize it as a product. 

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Type of Issue

Find an issue (topic), research and define the design problem, and propose a (typographic) design solution. 

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Type of Exhibition

Produce a design exhibition titled “What if,” to propose a new role of communication designers in the current and the near future society. Use your imagination and redefine our role!

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Assignments / Requirements

Knowledge Pool

Each week, two students will be assigned to present new typographic knowledge or technique to the class.

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Process Log (Book)

Students are required to create a process book for each projects. It must be organized according to course/program guidelines and specific format.

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Students are required to complete four projects in the semester. They must meet the following requirements: 

High Quality Comp: Student must craft at least one high quality comp using special printing technique, such as silk screen, die-cut, emboss/deboss, foil stamp, transfer, 3D Printing, letter press and so on. 

Design Typeface: Student must (re)design one typeface for one of the project. 

Essay/Story: Student must write an essay or story for one of the project. Creating design with self generated content will teach student how form and content work together to communicate a message. Student may create a book, zine, exhibition, or even a film based on the essay / story. 

Collaboration: Students are encouraged to collaborate with other designer, illustrator, photographer, printer, writer and musician. Through collaboration, students will learn how to request, inspire, direct, and motivate other people. 

Motion: Students are encouraged to use interactive media for one of the project. For example, they may create digital signage with interactive and dynamic typography. 


Extra Project

You may work on this extra project instead of one of the four projects. 


Bigger & Better

Take one of your assignment from previous semester, and rebuild it from scratch following the process you learned in this semester.

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