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Typographic Design III / Fall 2017

Week 3


Below is your assigned typeface. Please feel free to exchange typeface with your classmate if you want to. For the superfamily typefaces, such as Museo and Nexus, please include all styles. (For the Mrs. Eaves, you may add Mr. Eaves if you want to.)

  1. Cancan Jin: Cochin
  2. Yeh-Eun Heo: Mrs. Eaves
  3. Ava Wang: Avenir Next
  4. Tatiana Hoecklin: Thirsty Script
  5. Shiena Kimura: Museo
  6. Zenghui Lin: Nexus
  7. Sara Grosso: Rift
  8. Joseph Pandolfi: Dala Floda
  9. Carlyle MacDonald: Filosofia
  10. Se Young (Marie) Park: (HTF) Didot
  11. Alexandra Gilbert: Aileron
  12. Connie Yuen: Sabon
  13. Ying Shen: Adobe Prestige Elite
  14. Lina Ramos: Lobster
  15. Twisha Patni: Rockwell
  16. Qing Wen (Samantha): Press Gothic

For the next week, please (1) research your typeface (and organize your research according to the brief), (2) create an outline for your essay, and (3) start creating a layout for your zin. The outline for your essay should include: title, subheading, points that you would like to discuss under each subheadings and conclusion. Please send me your draft by September 18 for review.


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