Design & Education

Research, Analysis & Process

Research, Analysis & Process

Fall 2018


ComD 240-06

Research, Analysis & Process

Thursday 09:00AM - 01:20PM
Steuben Hall, Room 410


This course introduces students to the research methodologies and processes that form the foundation of successful communications design. It demonstrates how communication design is shaped by the problem solving phases of learning, identifying, generating and implementation and how these methodologies can be applied to the understanding of audiences, organizing content, developing strategies, and defining purposes.

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New Skill

Students will research and learn a new skill. They will present their process and/or outcome in class in printed or digital form. Students may use any materials they wish to document their learning process. Photography, drawing, video and print are all acceptable. They must submit all your sketches and notes for review.

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New New York

Assignment is to rediscover New York City through the Design Analysis (Typology) process, described in the Chapter 4 of Visual Research. Students will collect numbers of items based on their interest and organize them according to LATCH theory. 



A Topic

Select a topic of your interest that is related to visual communication design. Throughly research and analyze the topic, discover new perspective, and preesnt it in a way that deepends our appreciation. Use at least three different tools and methodologies for research, analysis and synthesis.

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Assignments & Requirements

Process Log (Book)

Students are required to create a process log (book) for each projects. It must be organized according to course/program guidelines and specific format.  

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Readings will be required throughout the semester, giving students critical insight into the history and context of typography and information design. Each week, one or two students will be assigned to present the material to the class.

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Select a creative person (illustrator, designer, filmmaker and so on) or group of people (design studio, movement, and so on) you're aspire to, throughly research his/her/their creative process and present it as a visual diagram. You may create your own work according to the process. Students will work in a small group.