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RAP / Class Log

Class log for the Research, Analysis and Process.

Week 1 / Introduction

Welcome to Research, Analysis & Process :D

It was a great start !! We went over the syllabus, and went through the course description, course goals and learning outcomes. Please fill out the "My Goals" sheet, scan it and email it to The purpose of this is to know where we are now and see how we overcome those challenges and achieve our goals by the end of the semester. 

We also talked about how our class can be called PROCESS: Research, Analysis and Synthesis. Process can be divided into three phases: Research (to learn about the subject), Analysis (to understand what you discovered through research) and Synthesis (actual application and making). Through this process, it will let you have confidence in your own creative solutions. 

We had a short workshop, Structured Chaos, and learned how right amount and balance of structure and chaos (intuition) will result in more creativity.

For each project, students will be required to document their RAP Process (De-brief, Research, Analysis, Ideation, Development, and Evaluation) in their process log. This class would be more than just "form making", as we would focus on the process of how creative solutions are made as well. 

We reviewed the first assignment, "New Skills" and spent some time together mind-mapping (5W1H_ What, Who, Where, When, Why, and How). For next week, please go through the brief again and get ready to present your debriefing process, lists of questions, and initial research for your chosen skill! 



There is one mistake on the RAP Process chart. Step 1 should be Debriefing, not Defining. Please correct your chart. I apologize for the mistake!



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