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Class log for the Research, Analysis and Process.

Week 6 / SCAMPER

Great work on SCAMPER assignment! It was so exciting to see such creative and fun ideas that you all came up with! Such way of thinking can help you branch out creativity, and give you a bigger inspiration. Next assignment is the Rhetorical Figures, which is an exercise for an ideation, through ironies, paradox, personification, etc, it will create more confidence and show you more creative opportunities. Unlike a clarifying process, it’s rather a mystifying process with metaphors. For next week, please come up with 3 works. Captions and titles may help the viewers define what it is and the ironies behind them. HAVE FUN and excited to see as fun ideas as ones we saw for SCAMPER assignment !

Thanks to Kina and Varun, we learned about typology and method of organization, LATCH theory. You may refer to these method when categorizing your collected items for the New New York project, but don’t let it limit yourself! And thanks to Sofiya’s fun exercise creating moodboard, we learned how moodboard can be used to communicate or share our vision or visual intention but also in reverse, help you see a bigger picture, reflecting on various aspects of a theme at a look.

For New New York assignment, using typology and LATCH theory, first organize into certain categories. The organization / categorization can be unconventional such as taste or sound if you can think of a way to collect them. Then through the process, extract new angle or direction showing your rediscovery of New York. Please continue working on categorizing the collecting items and ideas for final presentation.

Week 7 Reading Presenters

Evelyn Jenson - Experimentation

Yiyi Yang - Iterative Design

Cindy Wang - Data Visualization

Crystal Pan - Narrative

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