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Class log for the Research, Analysis and Process.

Week 7 / Rhetorical Figures

Great work on Rhetorical Figures exercise. For some of the works, it was after hearing the intentions or any rhetorical implications, when we had an aha moment and fully appreciate the clever twists. In those cases, think of how all the arrangement of elements on the design such as text, icons, or images each function on the communication, or any contrast or harmony or any rhetorical relationship among them - all of those clues form an image for the viewer to be able to understand the hidden / ironic / … message through solving the visual clues. A clue can be a written text or the relationship between the text and the image. Play around, explore, and see how you could present the mystery or critical clues of the design a bit more clearly and efficiently, but just enough for us to figure out the clues ourselves. Great start!

Next week is midterm week! Each will get 10 minutes to talk about the progress so far individually. Meanwhile, the rest will get started on the Aspiration mini project! If you missed a class or lost the brief, they are attached below in the class presentation. You are to select three creative person or group of people that you’re aspire to. Research their creative process and create a visual diagram. You may create your own work according to the process. For next week, please organize your written or visual research on the letter sized paper for each. You will post them on the wall and present them to class. Then form four to six research groups by the creative person or group of people. Then on the week after next, as a group, based on the chosen person / group, assignment is to create a visual diagram.

Also please continue working on the New New York project as well :)

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