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RAP / Class Log

Class log for the Research, Analysis and Process.

Week 9 / New Assignment


Thoroughly research a well recognized visual art style and distill it to a basic visual formula (essential visual compornets such as color, typography, image, graphic pattern and grid system, and how these components are composed together as a style). Then, organize them as a style board. 

Also, research the spirit, attitude, culture, and philosophy behind the style, and analyze what the style represents. 

Then, apply the visual formula to a message, and analyze what the style does to the message. You may print the message on a tote bag, t-shirts, poster and so on. 


Team A

Art Deco

Josephine Cardoni
Sohee Kim
Sakura Tateiwa
Prae Weissman


Team B


Chloe Jeong
Dawn Jooste
Ava Scott

Team C


Jerri Holderer
Mickey Na
Noah Simon
Sukyung Yoo


Team D


Sabrina Jiang
Serina Kammuller
Mai Saito
Derrick Zha

Daisuke EndoComment