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RAP / Class Log

Class log for the Research, Analysis and Process.

Week 8 / NYC


Wonderful presentation for the NYC project. I was absolutely impressed with the amount and intensity of research and analysis you have done. There are some stunning pieces and I was really inspired. Keep up the good work!!

Some missed the opportunity to present the work today, and I will let these present their work next week in the beginning of the class. Then, we'll discuss what we have learned from this assignment. Please fill and bring your "Self Reflection" sheet to the class next week. 

New assignment, TYPE, was delivered and briefly discussed. Each students are assigned with a topic and will be teaching the class about the topic in 5 minutes next week. 


Next week: 

12:00 / Opening Remarks
12:10 / NYC Presentation (Derik, Micky & Ava)
13:00 / What We Have Learned from this project

13:30 / Break

13:45 / Type Class (5 minutes type lecture from each students)
15:15 / Team Building Workshop: Building Marshmallow Tower
16:00 / Type Assignment



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