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Class 4 Final zine

Great progress on New Type and Product Packaging project. And it was very impressive seeing how you all handled multiple assignments so successfully! All the exercises and projects are due by the end of the semester so keep up the good work and energy and check in with your progress.

“Writing is thinking.” - David McCullough

Essay is also an essential part of the double diamond process - research, analysis x synthesis. As you write, you think and put your own thoughts and ideas toward the subject. So the design layout that is created based on the essay becomes more meaningful.

While writing an essay, please try to be more specific and descriptive with words. “Garamond is beautiful.” It is beautiful and it’s not a wrong statement. But as a designer, we need to specify the “beautiful.” Is it mathematically balanced well? Culturally rich? Aesthetically crafted perfectly? As you write, don’t just jot down what you researched about the subject. Analyze and break things down into specific points. And have your own point of view toward the subject/typeface. See how the content would do to your form and influence your design.

“Design is relationships, Design is a relationship between form and content.” - Paul Rand

We went through Daisuke’s Message Formula:

Message = (Content x Form) / Context

So if the form is bigger than the content (form-driven/style-driven), it may look good visually, but it’s usually empty, and not saying much. Both content and form have to have a respectful relationship. Keep this formula in mind!

For next week :

Project 1 Product Packaging :

We will have cross-section presentation with Michael Gerbino’s class next week. Create a physical prototype and for digital presentation, you may also have a mockup of your packaging. Have few different scales of the packaging. Craftsmanships is one of the important criterion that Michael pays attention to. For the digital presentation, mockup / software will be more effective to tell a story about your product but physical prototype is also important to understand the scale.

  • Physical prototypes

  • Brief digital presentation (brand, product, concept, and process)

    Cross-Section final presentation next week with Michael Gerbino’s class (Feb 21)

Project 2 Space :

Rebranding and creating a wayfinding system for a space - functional space that we use / offer service or experience. Daisuke will come back with more details on this project.

Exercise 1 New Type :

Revise your essay and zine. Develop your own theme and create a concept for your essay and zine. Booklet is more than just a book with typography, it’s also an experience design, interactive design. People actually pick up, hold the book and experience. So create a prototypes and have your friends, family, anyone actually read it. And observe how they read your zine (expression, reaction, how they read, what your design choices/materials influence or change their reading experience, distance between the book and the readers, how far/close do they hold the book, what does it do in terms of experience? Is it intimate?Where do they pause?) Observe those and based on the reaction, you may decide whether to edit or not.

  • Revise essay and zine

  • Create a prototype and observe readers’ experience

* Keep working on it. Around midterm, Daisuke will have a mid check-in individually and the final work should be turned in by the end of the semester.

Exercise 2 Type of Spirit :

Select a designer and debrief/reframe the brief and start researching. Consider this as another opportunity of collaboration with the designer and means to expand your design palette. Organize your research, design philosophy, and write an essay. Develop your own theme and create your own concept. Don’t be afraid to create your own opinion about it. You may decide to work with an issue, or define a design problem or speculate something too.

  • Print each designer (total three) in letter size paper

    • brief information about the designer

    • his/her design philosophy

    • sample works (visual)

Weekly Reading Assignment / Presenters

No reading assignment this week!

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