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Week 2. New Type

Great work everyone! The cross section critique with Michael Gerbino went really well! It helped us understand the importance of packaging when it comes to products, including craftsmanship and every details such as material choices, finishing, design elements, etc. Most of you need to redo the packaging, so hope you all got enough feedback from either Michael or Daisuke.

Then we had a brief lecture about typography and how it influences the message. If you wish to go over them yourselves again, the presentation slides from class is attached below! It was nice to hear how you all enjoyed learning more about typography. There are lots of great reading suggestions from Daisuke in this link, so highly encouraged to check them out! :D

And the graded type quizzes were handed in. For those of you who wish to get extra points from it, make corrections on the questions that you got wrong, then you will get additional half points back for the corrected answers.

As mentioned in class, all the projects are due by the end of the semester, and make sure to keep record of the whole process in your process log.

For next week :

Project 1 Product Packaging :

No box exercise. We will revisit this later.

Each person in the group should pick different product, different brand from the same category. Then thoroughly research and analyze the brand. Identify its strength, weakness, threats and opportunity. Completely re-imagine the brand and redefine its essences. Create a new narrative brand story.

Then visualize the brand essence in mood boards. Design a typographic brand identity.

  • Research & analysis of the chosen product

  • Re-defined brand essence

  • Moodboards : visualization of the brand essence

  • Typographic brand identity (at least 5 different design options)

Exercise 1 New Type :

Thoroughly research and analyze the typeface and write an essay about it. You may write about its historical and cultural significance, aesthetic values, innovative use of tools and so on. Do not be afraid to include your own opinion. Pay close attention to the internal structure of their essay which will help you create clear visual and typographical hierarchy when they design the layout later.

  • Write an essay about your assigned typeface.

  • Zine layout based on the grid system handed out in class

    You must submit your essay by Monday, Feb 4. Submit the essay through google classroom.

Assigned Typefaces

Weekly Reading Assignment / Presenters

Submit your assignment before the class begins. Even if you are not the presenter of the materials, you still have to read and complete the assignments weekly. Submit the assignments in the Google Classroom :

Packaging Design Workbook: The Art and Science of Successful Packaging by Steven Dupuis

Design is Storytelling by Ellen Lupton

  • Packaging Design Workbook (Roles of Packaging) / Ashna

  • Design is Storytelling pg. 9 to 55 (Overture & Act 1) Action (Hero’s Journey) / Noah

Reading Presentation Schedule

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