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Week 1. Introduction

Welcome to COMD 380 - 12 Product Environment Material !

In class we went through the course syllabus and overview of all the projects, exercises and assignments. Through this course, as we solve 3-dimensional design problems - whether it be a retail package design, display case, educational toy, or wayfinding system, we will learn how to research, conceptualize scale, use materials appropriately and present a full suite of ideas. All of these elements work together in that environment to reinforce meaningful messages and ultimately create a positive experience for the audiences.

This course will focus on Communication Design in 4D, Scale & Navigation, Human Cenetered Design, and Experience (Storytelling).

For every project, keep record of the whole design process in the process log. Organize the process based on the iterative cycle of human-centered design we discussed in class. It’s a simpler version of the RAP process but more emphasis on observation with more design research, applied ethnography, etc. But if you have never tried working with RAP process, feel free to start with RAP Process and the Iterative Cycle of Human-Centered Design.

Please refer to this link for more detailed instructions on the process log!

For next week :

Project 1 Product Packaging :

Now that the teams are formed based on product categories, each member should select a different product from the same product category. Start by observing how people choose a product and create a customer journey map. Then select a folding box and perfectly recreate it. (in the same size and with the same material. Visualize your ideas!

  • Field observations & analysis

  • Customer journey map

  • Visualized ideas

Exercise 1 New Type :

  • Research & analyze all COMD 15 typefaces (analyze the typefaces in terms of interaction design and human-centered design)

  • Organize your research in visual form (charts, timeline, etc)

  • Write an essay about the assigned typeface

    You must submit your essay by Monday, Feb 4.

Assigned Typefaces

Weekly Reading Assignment / Presenters

Hand in your answers before the class begins. Even if you are not the presenter of the materials, you still have to read and complete the assignments weekly.

The Design of Everyday Things / Chapter 6

  • Design Thinking / Sherry

  • Human Centered Design (Process) / Michelle

Reading Presentation Schedule

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