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Week 2 / Event

Great Class !

Thank you Elle, Tara and Carly for the wonderful presentations on Brand Essence, Ethnography and Customer Journey Mapping. The presentations are attached below as well so feel free to go over them yourself and review!

All three of the topics are essential part of the Event project. By defining the brand essence of the event, you will be able to clarify what the event/experience really stands for. Ethnographic research will help you understand the perspective of your target audiences which will provide insight on future directions/solutions that they could take. Customer Journey Map, which you will have to create this week, is a visualization of the customer's typical experience of the event. This will help you understand the context of users and give clear picture of where the user has come from and what they are trying to achieve. 

And Xinyi gave us a very helpful lecture on research methods, customer journey map and types of feedbacks. Her presentation is also attached below so please go over them again yourself!

And we also tried a new style of critique, Huddle, which is developed by Trello design team. They came up with Huddle to avoid attentional bias, grandstanding, and let the presenter provide the context, needs, and current state first and have the others get some time to give corresponding feedback. And they used "Mural" the paper with a quadrant, to give fair amount of opportunities for all to comment on the project, not just letting a single person dominate the time insisting on one's opinion. There were mixed opinion after the first trial, and obviously there are some challenges to overcome. Thank you very much for honest feedback and suggestions! Daisuke will definitely make adjustments. 

For next week, we will spend some time reviewing the Cross-Platform Journey Map!


Week 3 Reading Presenters :

Deqing Zha - Audience & Social Context

Eric Wu - Design Context

Sidney Namey - Media is the Message



Class Presentation


Research Assignment / Student's Presentation

Fantastic Presentation!

As Iain Greenway said, "Brand Essence is the distillation of the brand attributes into one succinct sentence or words that most economically and clearly sum up the brand." Brand Pyramid is a wonderful tool to use when defining the brand essence. As you define the brand essence , it will help you clarify what the brand really stands for.


Brand Essence / Elle Munoz-Diaz


Ethnography / Tara Bassi


Customer Journey Mapping / Carly Short


Ethnography and Customer Journey Mapping / Xinyi

Extremely informative presentation! 

There are full of useful information about ethnography and customer journey mapping! It's a great presentation to refer to before designing the customer journey map as it explains details about what it should be reflecting or how the phases can be categorized.

Presentation in PDF



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