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IVC / Class Log

Week 1 / Introduction

Welcome to Integrated VisCom 1 !

We went through the syllabus and learned about the course description. course goals and learning outcomes. Please fill out "My Goals" sheet, scan it and send it to 

We also learned that communication design is a relationship between form, content and context. In this course, we will focus on platforms, stages where communication takes place.

We had a short workshop, Structured Chaos, and learned how right amount and balance of structure and chaos (intuition) will result in more creativity / innovation.

For each project, students will be required to document their process (Debrief, Research, Analysis, Ideation, Development, Evaluation) in their process log. It should show how your brain works and why you decided to take certain direction for the project. 

We reviewed our first project "Event," started debriefing in class using mind mapping and had some time talking to the classmates in groups. For next week, please get ready to present your initial research and analysis about your chosen event and its cross-platform visual communication. We will get into groups again and critique!


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