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Week 3 / Customer Journey Map

Thanks Derrick, Eric and Sidney for the wonderful presentations!

Understanding the context is a crucial to design successful communication. As Mr. Christoph Niemann said in his Ted Talk, we “become a better artist by becoming a better observer.” “The real magic happens in the mind of the viewer.” Also, as Marshall McLuhan said in his essay Media is Massage, media certainly influences how the message should be interpreted.

To create your customer journey map, I would strongly recommend to actually experience the event (if you can) and research how people actually interact with the event at first hand. Relying only on your assumption won’t get you much further than what you have already known… Hopefully, the research phase will reveal some truth about the event, which leads you to better analysis and ideation phase.

And thank Marcy for her wonderful presentation as well as the the link where she found a lot of help with creating the Customer Journey Map. The template on how to organize the map before designing is very helpful. Kudos to Marcy!!

We thank Xinyi for great lecture and workshop. Yes, it was a lot to digest, but it was really fascinating. It gave us a set of keywords, such as “many to many”, to analyze media platform that help us see the potential at whole new level. Please incorporate what you have learned from the workshop to your customer journey map!

Looking forward to see your work next week. Keep up the good work !


Class Presentation


Research Assignment / Student’s Presentation


Audience & Social Context / Derrick Zha


Design Context / Eric Wu


Media is the Massage / Sidney Namey


Platform Analysis

Fascinating lecture and workshop by Xinyi!


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