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Week 14 / Semi Final Presentation

Hi IVC Students,

Looking forward to your final presentation this week. 

Your may present overview of one or two projects (Event / Work of Art / Speculative Platform) and then present what you have learned through this course. You do not have to present every steps of the process; rather you may highlight the milestones in your process (such as key discovery and thought provoking questions) and present the final result. I have seen your work several times at this point, and do not need to see your mind-map again. Rather, I am more curious about what you have learned through the course. You will have 8 minutes to present and 4 minutes to get feedback. 

Please note that all the deliverables will be due on Saturday, 12/15. Over the winter break, I may contact students who have done exceptionally well to rework and resubmit their work to the departmental review. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Week 14 Class Photos

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