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Week 13 / Prep for Final Rewiew

Good luck on the work-in-progress Junior review this week! Hopefully you all get a good balance of compliment and critical feedback for more improvement.

We are having our final presentation on week 15 (12/13) for our IVC class, presenting all the works that we’ve done for the semester (Event project, Work of Art, Speculative Platform), so next week will be the last review day before the final presentation.

Please spend time on thinking about the feedbacks and comments that you got from the critique and actually try to reflect the thoughts on the work visually. It’s communication design, so it’s not just me and my design. If the classmates are the audience, and they have hard time understanding the project, the approach may be wrong. They might have a point (or not, but Daisuke always have a point :D).

Only two more weeks left, let’s be professional and take the criticism pleasantly, maturely but not personally. Work, work, work!

Schedule :

Week 14(12/6) : Semi final presentation

Week 15(12/13) : Final presentation on all three projects + Reflection

All projects + process due on 12/15. Send all three projects + process to

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