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Aesthetics + Computation: When Design Goes Retro with John Maeda | Adobe Creative Cloud


Creative Sessions recorded at Adobe MAX 2018: In the early ’90s, engineer, designer, and executive leader John Maeda started making interactive, or what he called “reactive,” graphics in C language for the 68k Apple Macintosh. As the web started to take off in the mid-’90s, John moved to Java and in parallel joined the MIT Media Lab to recruit talent at the intersection of design and tech. Join John as he explores early work that he made for the computer back in the ’90s that doesn’t work anymore on modern computers.

You’ll discover why:

  • When you get old, the stuff you make gets old too

  • You should hope to be lucky enough to live a long life

  • It’s important to respect the past while ignoring the present

  • Legacies are cool, but they’re not for everyone

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