Design & Education

A Topic

Research, Analysis and Process


RAP / Fall 2018

A Topic

Select a topic of your interest that is related to visual communication design. Throughly research and analyze the topic, discover new perspective, and present it in a way that deepens our appreciation. Use at least three different tools and methodologies for research, analysis and synthesis.



Week 8 / October 18

Carefully debrief the project using mind-mapping and reframing. Start searching for topics that you’re interested in. Select topics that are culturally meaningful and profound. If you already know about the topic, take time to unlearn the topic.

Week 11

Present your initial research in the group critique. Present three (or more) tools and methodologies that you’re planning to use for research, analysis and synthesis process.

Week 12

Present your research and analysis. Write an essay about your topic. Share your ideas for how you will synthesize your discovery.

Week 13 / Cross Section Final Review

Share your work (in progress) at the cross-section presentation.

Week 14 / Final Presentation

Final Presentation



You may select a general (universal) or specific topic. Select topics that are culturally meaningful and profound.

  • Color

  • Identity

  • Time

  • Space

  • Home

  • Conversation

  • Tea

  • Spice

  • Love

  • Friends

  • Approval




Learning Outcomes Addressed

Recognize and articulate the essential communication design research methodologies and Processes.

Apply design tools for research, analysis, and synthesis to generate communication concepts.

Effectively use a common vocabulary for the analysis of visual communications.

Develop and organize self-driven design processes derived from personal interest.